Products to accelerate the evolution of power converters

Exagan offers high-performance, GaN-based, 650-volt fast-switching power devices for the next generation of electrical converters in consumer, smart building, IT electronics markets, industrial and automotive. Our GaN solutions enable fast, low-loss power switching needed for power-integration roadmaps.

By conforming with established and cost-efficient silicon-manufacturing standards, our GaN products are market ready for both niche and mainstream applications.

Intelligent GaN power solutions

Exagan G-FET™ and G-DRIVE™ devices are designed to provide optimized solutions regarding the expected integration level of system.


Safe and Powerful switching

  • Broad power range
  • Easy system implementation
  • Rugged gate

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Intelligent and Fast switching

  • Embedded GaN gate driver
  • Fast switching (MHz)
  • Integrated protection and diagnostics
  • Slew rate control
  • Peak current monitoring

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